Welcome to Daily Bible Online

Daily Bible Online is a non-denominational Christian website, devoted to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and helping believers grow in their Christian faith. Our website offers Bible study tools designed to help Christians grow in their understanding and knowledge of Jesus and the Bible. Our goal is to create online tools to help others explore and study the meaning of scripture as it relates to the entire Bible. In order to better understand the Bible, Jesus Christ our Lord and God's plan of redemption. All of our scripture studies take into context the surrounding verses, chapter and book, as well as the historical and cultural times of the writer, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

In accordance with basic Christian doctrine, our studies have as their foundation the acceptance of Jesus as our Lord and Savior and the acceptance of His lordship. Believing He is who He claimed to be, that is fully God and fully man. We believe that Jesus is the Second Person of the Trinity. This includes accepting the historical fact that Jesus the eternal God of heaven stepped out of eternity and took on humanity with the incarnation, in order to reconcile fallen humanity back to a holy God. And that He lived a sinless life and took upon Himself our sins with His death on the Cross of Calvary. And that He was buried and rose again three days later, appearing before hundreds of witnesses and ascended into Heaven, where He is seated at the right hand of God the Father.

Our studies take into consideration that the Bible is not only the infallible word of God, but it is also His special revelation to humanity regarding His plan of redemption and His interactions with humanity as it relates to His plan of redemption. And that the culmination of God’s plan of redemption is to place all of creation under the lordship of Jesus Christ to the glory of God the Father.

Why We're Here

It's estimated there are almost three billion people in the world today, who are still unreached with the Gospel Message of salvation through faith alone in Jesus Christ our Lord. And it's estimated that more than 3 billion people are now using the internet. The number of internet users has increased from 738 million in 2000 to over 3 billion in 2015. In North America alone, nearly two-thirds of the adults who use the internet will use it for faith related matters. Just as the Roman roads opened up the known world during the New Testament times to the spread of the Gospel, today the internet is providing a way to take the Gospel around the world in a very effective manner.

Worldwide, billions of people are online, and in their lives they are searching for peace, joy, love and how they can know God more, have a relationship with Him and draw closer to Him. We want to be there for them, to help them find hope by sharing the Gospel message and telling them about Jesus. Our vision is to use this new Roman road to help people around the world grow in their faith and increase their knowledge and understanding of Jesus, God's plan of redemption through faith alone in Jesus, as well as God's word, the Bible. We want to make the Gospel freely accessible on the internet for every single person in the world. Every few seconds someone in the world decides that he or she wants to know Jesus and for this reason we share the Gospel and God's word online for those who are searching, those who are wanting to know more.

All people are important to God. Jesus cares and loves all people, and it's God's desire that all people spend eternity with Him. Moreover, Jesus is focused on connecting with every individual. The Internet is available everywhere, it's close to people in every culture, it's on every device, including every mobile phone. Therefore, our desire and our calling is to use the internet to give people access to God’s word, share with them the Gospel message, which is the power of God to save souls and to answer questions and help people grow in their knowledge of Jesus.

Bible Study Tools to Grow in Christ

Daily Bible Online offers several tools for helping Christians study and understand the Bible. In addition, to commentaries, Bible translations and audio Bibles we also offer Bible devotions, studies, reviews, dictionaries and Bible references you won't find anywhere else. Let us help you grow in your understanding and knowledge of God's word. The Bible is God's special revelation to us regarding His plan of redemption and His interactions with mankind. Our goal is to help Christians grow in their faith, their knowledge of Jesus, His lordship and Bible knowledge, while helping them to explore and study the meaning of scripture as it relates to the entire Bible. Our studies take into context the meaning of the surrounding verses, chapter and book, as well as the historical and cultural times of the writer, and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, who is the true Author of the Bible.