Attributes of God
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Eternality is one of the attributes of God.

Webster's dictionary says that "eternity means lasting or enduring through all time." God is eternal, this means that God has no beginning, and no end. The Bible tells us our God, is "the God who was, is and is to come." The Bible also refers to God as everlasting, the "Ancient of Days," "before time God was." This means for us that God has always been here, and He will continue to be here long after the things of man are gone. When thinking of the eternality of God, it's important we not think as mankind thinks. And we not place nature or physics above God, or that God is somehow obligated to the laws of physics, or the laws of the universe. These things were all part of God's creation. Therefore, we have to remember the universe, the laws of physics, including time itself, were created by God. All of this is part of God's creation. God has always existed, even before the universe, matter and time were formed.

This means for us, that since God is eternal the things of God our eternal. As Christians, we should remember and take comfort in that, why? Because we are children of God, adopted into the family of God, through our faith in Jesus. Moreover, it's important for us to remember that God always keeps eternity in mind, when dealing with mankind, and the unfolding of His plan of redemption. This means that God has eternity in sight, when he deals with us. God works all things out for our eternal good, even those things which apply to us now, while living in this world. This means when God looks at us and works within our lives, through the Holy Spirit, He does so looking forward to the eternity we will spend in His presence. Through His sovereignty, God carries out His will within us and in our lives. God does so, through His process of spiritual growth, called "Sanctification."

Sanctification is how God, prepares us now, for the eternity we have ahead of us. Moreover, sanctification is a work carried out by the Holy Spirit in the lives of all followers of Jesus. The Holy Spirit works with our spirit, in order that we, can reach the goal of our calling. As the Apostle Paul tells us in his letter to the Phillipians, we listen to the Lord so we can "press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." Which is an eternity spent in the presence of our Lord, and the carrying out of God's will, by our obedience to the Holy Spirit today, while we are here in this world. Therefore, we have to remember God created time, He is beyond time itself, and therefore, the things of God are eternal, especially the promises of God. And most importantly, God's salvation through Christ Jesus is eternal. And the only way to have a relationship with God for all eternity, is through a relationship with His only begotten Son, Christ Jesus our Lord.

Since God is eternal and He does not have an end, we should remember He will always be there with us regardless of our circumstances. God will be there regardless of society's attitudes toward Him. God will always be there to comfort us, to guide us and to carry us through the most difficult trials of our lives. Because of our faith in Jesus, a gift of our salvation, is the indwelling Holy Spirit. This means the Holy Spirit, who is God, is always with us. If we listen to Him, He will guide us in the things of God, bring joy and purpose into our lives as we become useful for the kingdom of God. In addition, it's critically important for us, as Christians, to always keep eternity in mind. We must always live our lives in light of the eternity with Jesus which awaits us!

We can so often get caught up in the things of this world, as if this were all there is, but that is not true. Only those things we do, out of our love for Jesus will follow us into eternity. All other actions, activities and all our deeds, whether good or bad will be burned away as stubble. Only those things which we did for Christ and others, out of our love for Jesus will go into eternity with us. Moreover, we have to understand it can be difficult to remember our time here is but a drop in the bucket, compared to the eternity we will spend with Christ Jesus our Lord. Therefore, we are to always be about the Father's business, always relying on the Holy Spirit, remembering our time is short, remembering the time of Christ's return is drawing near, and always being aware that God's eternity is calling us. As followers of Jesus, we will spend eternity in His service, ruling and reigning with Him, therefore we are to start that service now in preparation for the eternity ahead of us!

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