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Isaiah 44:1 - Isaiah 46:13

The Prophet Isaiah prophesied in and around Jerusalem, and he had prophesied against many cities and kingdoms, including Jerusalem, Assyria, Egypt, Babylon, Samaria, Philistia, Moab, Ethiopia and Tyre. However, He prophesied primarily toward the Southern Kingdom of Judah, in and around Jerusalem. Isaiah prophesied from 760 BC to 673 BC. Isaiah's ministry lasted almost sixty years and covered the reign of four kings with the last one being King Hezekiah. Isaiah ministered during the age of decline, this was a period where though the Southern Kingdom of Judah had good kings, the people's hearts were not right with the Lord. The Book of Isaiah is one of the longest books in the Bible and begins during a time of peace and prosperity; it was in this setting that Isaiah brought the message of repentance and coming destruction. Isaiah was sent primarily to Judah, although his message also concerned the Northern Kingdom of Israel as well. Isaiah lived through the civil war between Israel and Judah from 734 BC to 732 BC, and he witnessed the destruction of Israel by Assyria in 722 BC.

During King Ahaz's reign, Assyria became a superpower and defeated the Northern Kingdom and deported the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 722 BC. However, King Ahaz viewed Syria and Israel as greater threats than Assyria, and he entered into a military alliance with Assyria, and as a result, he did not come to the aid of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Because of his actions, Judah became a vassal state of Assyria. Isaiah spoke to King Ahaz, and told him to have faith in God; however King Ahaz refused and continued in idolatry. In 729 BC King Hezekiah came to reign, and decades later during Hezekiah's reign in 701 BC, Assyria invaded the area in and around Judah and the city of Jerusalem itself almost fell. Isaiah came forward preaching a message of hope and repentance, telling Judah to trust in God and turn back toward the Lord. The cause of the Northern Kingdoms fall and destruction was not lost on Isaiah. God had shown him that it was mainly the lack of their faith and trust in the Lord and their lack of obedience to follow the Lord's commandments. Despite the warning of Isaiah and other prophets, in 586 BC, the Southern Kingdom of Judah would fall to Babylon.

The Lord promises His blessings upon the children of Jacob, His chosen people. The vanity and of idols and the destruction they bring. The abase behavior of those who practice idolatry. A prophecy of the future deliverance of the Jewish people by king Cyrus. God is just in all His works. The calling of the gentiles. The prophecy of the destruction of Babylon and her idols. God calls the Jewish people to consider the works of His mighty hand.

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